Meditating at Tire Kingdom

I had a life changing experience yesterday morning at Tire Kingdom!  Needing to get new tires before my summer vacation, I woke up early – had my morning run, but did not have time for my routine yoga/meditation practice.  I thought to myself, “maybe I will just meditate while waiting for my new tires.”  And I did just that! 

Picture this… out the front door of Tire Kingdom, just to the right, there was a little concrete bench facing the parking lot and adjacent to the garage where cars were getting worked upon – in other words – lots of noise, chaos, comings and goings.  And that’s where I decided to have my morning meditation.  What an unexpected treat!

I was wearing clothes that allowed me to sit cross legged in the “authentic” yoga position.  Using my handy dandy iPhone, I pulled up Deepak and Oprah’s recent meditation series (which I highly recommend), closed eyes and sat right in the midst of the front entrance/parking lot of Tire Kingdom. 

Once in my “sacred space,” I experienced fully and consciously the contrasting sensations of uneasiness/ embarrassment and sweet, deep peace and gratitude.  I noticed as my mind brought up thoughts about what other people might be thinking when I felt and heard them walk by.  I imagined some believing I was a little off my rocker and others not noticing me at all.  I heard the loud noises as cars drove past and as the Tire Kingdom workers took off and put on the tires – the latter being super loud.  And through it all I just sat, eyes closed, legs crossed, straight back, breathing and bringing myself back to full presence and acceptance of the moment which also included a sweet morning breeze, a mantra to remind me of love, and a profound sense of divinity and peace. 

Before I was wanting, the bell sounded on my audio file, signifying the end of the meditation.  I opened my eyes to the parking lot and day in front of me and felt blissful.  I realized that years ago I could never have done what I had just done… I would have been WAY too embarrassed, way too concerned about the opinions, thoughts and reactions of others.  And while there were still remnants of discomfort in the process, the epiphany I had was  - what an amazing process I had just come across to deepen my way of  being more fully human and fully present in more moments of my life. 

I figure if I can practice getting connected in the midst of chaos intentionally and as a regular practice, perhaps it will transfer into more everyday moments.  I’ve always known this is how meditation and yoga worked, but I never thought of doing it in the middle of the world and practicing presence while the world was watching.  But isn’t that what we are all wanting – to be able to be in the world, experiencing it all – the good, the bad, the noise, the judgment, and be able to stay connected to that thing larger than ourselves – to experience the bliss in the midst of the storm.  And perhaps, if I can look “crazy” outside of Tire Kingdom, it will give other people permission to slow down and do the same – and maybe, just maybe we won’t have to have war!  It’s a stretch, but, in my opinion, not an absurdity.

So the next time you are waiting for your new tires or any rendition of that – I invite you to close your eyes, sit crossed legged, breathe and “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World.”

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