Training Services

The goal of my training is for participants to learn and practice the skills and concepts related to NVC in order to allow them to begin to notice and, ultimately, reprogram habitual and disconnecting ways of thinking and interacting with themselves and others.

"All conflict is the tragic expression of an unmet need." - Marshall Rosenberg

Group Training

I offer several Level 1 courses throughout the year. The Level 1 course runs 8 weeks and meets for 2 hours each week. This course provides the foundational knowledge and skills related to NVC. Graduates of the Level 1 course may enroll at any time to ongoing, Level 2 practice sessions. During Level 2 practice sessions, participants bring in their real world "stuff" and work with the NVC process in real time. I have found that, once learned, NVC skills are never entirely lost. However, those who are committed to ongoing practice see the greatest results in their lives.

Family Training

My husband and I took the workshop together and were thrilled to find a gentle way to resolve any conflict or disagreement. - Marci L.

For most people, their greatest conflict challenges are with the people with whom they are closest. Learning NVC as a unit can provide support to parents, children, husbands and wives who are desperately longing for connection. Please contact me to discuss the needs of your family and the length of training to meet your family's goals.

Individual Training

The Level 1 course can be adapted to one-on-one training sessions for those individuals who cannot fit the 8 week classes into their busy schedules. Typically these sessions combine the learning of skills as well as some conflict coaching pertaining to "live issues." A six session minimum is recommended as well as follow up practice in order to keep the learning alive.

Organization Training

I think this way of communicating could really change the future for teachers and students. It will teach them to value themselves and others without judging. It will also teach them how to truly connect with each other. - Michelle W.

I love to work with organizations, especially educational institutions, who are interested in training their workforce on NVC skills. These trainings can be designed to meet the specific needs of the institution. Please contact me to discuss your needs and how they can best be accommodated.